Computer Generated Fractals Artist: Julien Clinton Sprott


Computer generated artwork, with thousands of downloadable images and a new fractal every day! Every day at a few minutes past midnight (local Wisconsin time), a new fractal is automatically generated by a variation of the program included with the book Strange Attractors: Creating Patterns in Chaos by Julien C. Sprott.


Fractals are endlessly repeating patterns that vary according to a set formula, a mixture of art and geometry.

Fractals are unique, digital art images which are created from mathematical formulas using computer software.


A fractal is a geometric pattern that is repeated at smaller and smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry.  Fractals are used in computer modeling and can also be found in nature.   A real-life example of fractals is ice crystals freezing on a glass window. You can see countless variations of the same pattern emerge in the crystals over time.


Mathematicians, students, and anyone who enjoys unique, digital artwork.


Sprott’s Fractal Gallery

Make your own fractal, create some fractal music, play an online fractal game and tons more stuff to learn and do!

Computer Generated Fractals
Computer Generated Fractals
Computer Generated Fractals
Computer Generated Fractals